Jamaican Stew with Mystic Seasonings Jerk Spice!

Greetings, Mystic Meows!

I hope the summer is treating you all as well as can be, given everything that is going on around us… Cooking and eating well continues to be an extremely therapeutic ritual for me, and really does help me navigate through the ebbs and flows of the day. I really enjoy the process of planning out my Mystic Meals and also being pleasantly surprised at what I find when I’m out and about shopping at the grocery store. Especially with prices going up on just about everything you can imagine, I’m trying to be more mindful about what I’m buying and trying to make that dollar stretch as far as it can. Eating well on a budget, right?

So to my surprise on a recent day while scrolling through instagram, one of the amazing and inspirational women I follow, Tamarah Logan, https://www.4logansrun.com/ posted a picture to her stories of a rather tempting and delicious meal that she made called Jamaican Stew, and I think her version was vegetarian. It just looked so yummy and inviting! She plated hers similar to the picture above with white rice, avocados, and the stew garnished with sliced green onions. I immediately hit her up with compliments about the dish, and she shared with me that it was a recipe passed on to her by her friend, Dawn. She then sent me the following screen shot of said recipe and I was absolutely grateful! I’m always looking for new and unique ways of showcasing my line of spices and the various ways to incorporate them into one’s cooking repertoire, and this was the perfect opportunity to use my Mystic Seasonings Jerk spice blend!

Mystic Seasonings Jerk spice blend 😉✨

And now I’m passing it along to you meows because that’s the beauty of cooking and creating! Inspiring others to try something different in the kitchen and adding their own fun and crazy twists on things based on what you have on hand, or go out of your way to buy for it’s preparation! BEHOLD! The recipe…

For the version of this that I created I omitted a couple of things, and added in a few more. I marinated some bone in chicken thighs with the jerk spice and sautéed those in a nice deep pan with no oil since I left the skin on the chicken and it rendered off enough fat to then sauté the veggies with. I didn’t have any Soy Vay on hand, and also eliminated the use of the chili flakes since the jerk seasoning already has that along with scotch bonnets in the blend, providing a beautiful amount of heat. I used some pinto beans with pumpkin ( a Puerto Rican recipe ) that I had already made and frozen for later consumption, which went so well with this stew. I added the coconut milk and allowed all of the veggies, aromatics, and chicken to get sexy, marry together, and cook for about an hour. I made some white rice to go with it and then plated it up… Then destroyed my plate!

Mystic Jamaican Stew!
The full Monty… 😋

This dish really was incredibly good and I hope you meows give it a try! It’s easily a vegan or vegetarian meal, or you add in some shrimp, sausage, pork, beef, or chicken to change it up a bit! I love how whimsical cooking can be and at least with savory cooking, you don’t always have to follow the recipe to the letter…unlike baking! But use what you have on hand and make it work for you! It’s a hearty and satisfying meal and also freezes well for a rainy day! Not that there’ll be anything left…

Some of the Mystic Seasonings Spice Blends available for purchase!

Thanks again for stopping by and hanging out here for a while! Please feel free to browse around my little shop and see if anything strikes your fancy! Everything is 100% organic and made in small batches by me! So all of the blends are as fresh and as potent as can be! And made with lots of love and care. And while I’m in the process of shameless self promotion… I also host a podcast called Mystic Meals where I interview all kinds of meows from many genres, and pick their brains about the foods they love/hate, what they cook for themselves, favorite places to dine out, go to meals, and so much more!I had a lovely interview with Tamarah a few weeks back and I hope you check it out sometime! https://anchor.fm/mysticmeals13 Until we eat again… Bone apple teeth(🤪) and Happy Cooking!

Cheers, hugs, and meows!

xo Nikki ✨🖤😻🔮

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