Seafood Paella!

Greetings, dear meows! With summer in full swing, there are certain dishes that really bring all the feels and combine those food memories that make our hearts sing! Hey! That rhymes… 😛 Anymeow, I was craving risotto, arroz con pollo, and seafood all at the same time. So I figured why not make a groovy…

Manilla Clams with Spicy Charred Tomatoes and Pancetta

Greetings, Mystic Meows! I really do love seafood. Heck. I just love food! And I love to eat… and cook, of course! 😛 I especially enjoy clams. Not too big on eating them raw, I must admit, but I can get down on a bowl of some yummy linguine with clams, stuffed clams, clam chowder….