“Zombie Dave” Reda

Greetings, dear meows! Hope all is going well with you! As anyone who keeps up with me knows, I am a huge horror fan. Not just scary movies, but the whole culture of it. The look and feel of all the things that lurk around in the dark has always been captivating to me ever since I was a child watching the old Universal black and white films that both scared the crap outta me and made me cover my eyes, yet still peeking through my fingers to see what was going to happen next! I owe my mom so much for planting that seed a long time ago and allowing me to appreciate art and film culture at an early age. Something that obviously stuck!

Back when Jay Luna and I were doing our podcast, The Phantom Zone Radio Show, it afforded us the opportunity to be able to interview and get to know so many people not only within the horror genre from stage and screen, but other fans of the culture as well, from all realms of the entertainment industry and beyond. And we’ve had some amazing interviews!

That leads me into the man who’s the subject of this here blog, “Zombie Dave” Reda! Grrrrrrr! Years ago, and it’s nuts to even say it that way, but yes… Years ago we had the pleasure of meeting Dave through some mutual horror fiends and eventually having him on our podcast which was a tremendous amount of fun! You can listen to them here!



Zombie Dave is an actor, writer, and director and his works include Bit Parts, Horror of Our Love : A Short Film, and My Undeadly, just to name a few. His fantastic taste in music, as well as his flare for the poetic was something that really impressed me and realized that I was drawn to him for many reasons, but mostly because he was another kindred spirit. Someone who “gets it”, which to me, is becoming more and more rare in this day and age. He was gracious enough to let me pick his brains over a bit about what he’s been up to, including his latest film, ROTTING LOVE, which we’re dying to see! He indulges me by answering some of my nutty culinary questions and fires back with one of THE COOLEST and creative “recipes” I’ve ever received. You meows are in for a real treat! Here we go!

MM: Tell us a bit about yourself, Dave! Where are you from originally? How young were you when you first fell in love with the horror genre and what was it that drew you to the dark side? Of course, inquiring minds want to know how you were crowned “Zombie Dave”?

ZD: Hey there, I was born in New York, but grew up in northern California, San Jose. I was lucky to have a video store across the street, it had ALL the best 80’s horror. In my early teens, o would dash across the street to get the latest bloody tale. I always loved the Universal Monsters, they felt like friends to me…

I was running my film HORROR OF OUR LOVE: 

A SHORT FILM, through the fests in 2010 and had a month break. I decided to fool Facebook into believing the zombie apocalypse had happened, in LA, starting with me… I made videos and on my wall my film company tried to capture me. I had intended to just cure me and go on promoting as always, but it really took off… Next thing you know, I had to become the mix of zombie and Dave… All this happened 6 months BEFORE Walking Dead came out…. Once that show hit, & I was the zombie of choice, it shambled like crazy after that… 

MM: As a producer, writer, actor, director, and owner of your own company, Elf Twin Films, what inspires you to keep the creative juices flowing? Do you prefer to be in front of, or behind the camera? How do you manage to stay somewhat sane and keep everything balanced?

ZD: Anything and everything inspires, you never know what it is, you tuck back in your brain, that springs forward just in time to mix with whatever is in front of you. Funny a zombie would say, ya gotta live. I prefer in front of the camera, but know I have to tell my stories my way, so craft it from top to bottom. You have to split personality and trust the one in charge, be it directer, actor, or writer you… Who said I was sane?😜

MM: Right, right, right… I should have said INSANE. You recently shot your latest short film,  ROTTING LOVE, starring the one and only Brooke Lewis a.k.a. Ms. Vampy! What can you tell us about it and it’s killer cast? When can we expect to see it?

ZD: It was an honor and  blast to finally get to work with Brooke Lewis. She is fantastic and such a pro, we had it down ready to go weeks before hand thanks to a meeting with her acting coach Tim Phillips, who coaches Robert Duval. This was definitely a lofty piece for me, but will fit right in with my stuff. Rotting Love in edit now, hope to finish it soon.

MM: Let’s talk turkey here… Literally! Describe yourself as a drink, appetizer, entree, and dessert ( explain why) 

ZD: I’m a Zombie, French fried in goodness with coca cola and a smoking icee for dessert… Need I explain? 😉

MM: Of course not! How silly of meow… 😛 If you could have the ultimate dead man’s dinner party, who would be on the guest list? What (or who) would you be serving?  What’s your favorite kinda food to eat? Like what’s your go to, ride or die, I always gotta have my fix kinda cuisine?

ZD: I would have to say James Dean, Marylin Monroe, Natalie Wood, Wes Craven, & Bettie Paige with the Ramones supplying the music.. Pizza with pepperoni and brains, and plenty of Coca-Cola!!!! 

MM: If you could live anywhere in the world for a year, where would it be, and why?

ZD: I want to move to Catalina Island… The people who live there are so cool to each other, riding around on golf carts rocks… The sea calls me and I would write a lot at night…..

MM: I gotta say, you have great taste in music! I get a kick out of the music videos you post on social media! Is there a particular type or genre of music that defines you or do you just go with the flow? If you had to pick a musical era, which would it be? 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, etc. I know it’s tough cause they all bring something major to the table!

ZD: Thanks!!! I’m glad somebody digs ’em, hahaha I’m a major 80’s kid, but whatever inspires at the time is what I go with…

MM: I also really dig your horror poetry like “Dark Queen” & “No Spark”. Ever consider publishing a book of horror poetry & prose? If so, what would you title it?

ZD: Again, THANK YOU!!! Hmmmm… Brain Stew?

MM: Sounds like a yummy recipe or cookbook title! Any upcoming collaborations or projects you can tell us about? Will you be making any appearances at any Cons  or festivals this year? 


ZD: Yes! I am always lurking around Monster Palooza, I believe I will attend ScareLA, I am in edit with ROTTING LOVE, but when it’s done, we will be hitting the fests hard!

MM: Horror Movie Marathon! What’s on your list? Name a few of the fiends that inspire you. Anyone on your radar that we should look out for or keep an eye on?

ZD: Mike Flanagan, Patrick Rhea, and Drew Daywalt are ALWAYS one’s to watch… They are not only friends, but keep me inspired to be a better film maker. 

Oh man…tough…ok… Bit Parts, Nightmare on Elm Street 3 Dream Warriors, Army of Darkness,  Halloween 3, House, R.O.T.L.D. 3, Sean of the Dead, Night of the Creeps

MM : Great choices! Name your top 5 guilty pleasures…

ZD: Pizza, cheeseburgers, fried chicken, Mexican, or all of the above? -YES!!!!!!!

MM: I don’t suppose you’d share a secret recipe with us, would you?

ZD: A pinch of paprika to your brain stew, and a quart of coca cola makes it yummy… Bitter  & sweet like me!

An original poem just for you…

****Recipie for Disaster…****

To create a recipe for disaster,  let the blood flow, and your heart beat faster…

Take a pinch to be horribly sweet, a bit of flesh is always a treat…..
I think your tastebuds might even find, you’d enjoy a large piece of mind….
Add some flour and crack an egg, to a severed and off pulled leg….
As you mix, sing in silver tones, removing the meat from a skeleton’s bones….
A hint of wood, for horror’s sake, a tasty tenderized vampire’s stake… 
As guests arrive, & start to linger, offer them sandwiches, made of finger….
When cooking anything the lesson is true, the best recipe, is a piece of YOU!

MM: Grrrrr!! Wasn’t that just awesome!!! I love that poem so much! It’s so true! The best recipe is a piece of you. I think that phrase applies in many, many ways! Huge thanks to Zombie Dave for taking the time to share a bit of his creative genius with us and be a part of my blog madness! Be sure to check out his YouTube vids, and stalk him around social media! Be on the lookout for ROTTING LOVE coming real soon!

Thanks again for being here with me, meows! See ya soon!

Cheers, hugs & meows!

Nikki 😻✨

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