Inspirational Root Vegetable Soup!

Root Vegetable Soup

Greetings, Mystic Meows!

Well, today as I was doing some full moon cleaning around the house, I decided to clean out the fridge and tidy things up a bit… you know. Take some inventory if you will…

Upon rummaging through the shelves I noticed that I had all of these bits and bobs of fruits and vegetables. A piece of onion, a small chunk of raw pumpkin leftover from Christmas dinner prep, a small piece of pasilla pepper, a tiny potato, some green onions, a carrot, and a honey crisp apple. Totally random stuff, right? But then I got to asking myself what I was going to do with all of these odds and ends? I certainly didn’t want any of this produce going to waste. So I set a little challenge for myself. A refrigerator challenge! What was I going to make with all of this? I decided to make a soup!

I’m so extra… But the heart shape was pretty cute!

So I got out my trusty knife and cutting board and went to work on the veggies and fruit. I diced it all up and placed them in a small pot with some olive oil and sautéed everything to start the cooking process and extract as much flavor from everything as I could. And of course I seasoned it up using my own line of spices, Mystic Seasonings! I used the Adobo spice blend on the melange of veggies and apples, and it was a great choice. Once I got the soup ingredients where I wanted them to be, I deglazed the pot with some water to incorporate the fond ( the caramelized sugars and flavor stuck to the bottom of the pot) and let it all simmer till everything was fork tender. About 15 to 20 minutes.

Then I proceeded to puree everything using my immersion blender. It’s a hand held stick with spinning blades on the bottom so you can place it right into the vessel or container and puree and blend your heart out while minimizing the need to dirty another pot, pan, or bowl. I realize that a lot of meows might not own one, so a regular blender, Ninja, or Nutri bullet works all the same. THEN once it was all velvety and smooth, I gave it a taste to adjust the seasonings. I added a smidge of half and half to add creaminess, but I felt it could still use something else… Sooooo, I added a teaspoon of my soon to be launched spice mix, Curry in a Hurry, which is a blend of Thai and Indian style curry seasonings. ( Dropping early 2021) 😛

And boy howdy!!! It was the perfect addition to the soup and really pulled it all together. With the sweetness of the apples, carrots, and onions, paired with the earthiness of the potato and pumpkin, along with the subtle spiciness from the pasiila chili? Say WHAT? 🤤🤤🤤


It was lovely! I topped it off with some spiced cashews and sliced green onions, took some pics, posted up on my socials, and had a damn fine lunch! If I had some coconut milk instead of the half and half this mystic meal would have been completely vegan! But as it was vegetarian, it was extremely satisfying and comforting to eat. You can never go wrong with a nice bowl of soup, right? And I had to pat myself on the back for not only using up what I had in the fridge, but for being spontaneous and on the fly with the impromptu creation of my mid day meal. The best things often come about this way. A full moon blessing to have been inspired to make something that some would say wasn’t much at all.

A bowl of goodness!

So dear meows… I’m going to try to take this way of thinking into the new year. To be more creative… To find inspiration when there seems to be none… To see the potential in the ordinary and see things from a different perspective. To look at the bits and pieces of things that might not amount to much by themselves and turn them into something magical and spectacular when combined together. To keep striving for the new. To see the possibilities and the what if’s that often get overlooked. This bowl of soup, although simple and easy to make, was a strange yet symbolic reminder of how out of nowhere we can change things, add to it, and make them better. I raise a glass to you meows, cause man… 🥂What a freaking year this has been. But as the great Material Girl, Madonna once said… “I made it through the wilderness… Somehow I made it through… hoo .hoo… ” 😹 Happy New Year, meows! 🎉🍾✨May 2021 be the start of a whole new decade of beautiful madness and Mystic Meals! Until we eat again… Happy Cooking!

Cheers, Hugs, And Meows!

xo Nikki ✨🖤🔮

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