Memories on a Plate… Cooking with old recipe cards : Sloppy Joes!

Old School Sloppy Joes!

Greetings, dear meows! And welcome to a little series I’m calling “Memories on a Plate” where I’m cooking old school Mystic Meals using family recipe cards from my friends and meows! I put up a post on Facebook a while back and asked if anyone was willing to part with or share their family’s recipe cards or newspaper clippings, and I was both overwhelmed and overjoyed at the response! I’m a huge advocate for keeping our family food history alive by encouraging meows to keep recreating, and reinventing them! It’s so important not to lose touch with the dishes we grew up with whether we enjoyed them or not… Those flavor memories never go away, and I couldn’t think of a better way to start this series than with my friend Dwayne Trahan’s mother’s recipe for Sloppy Joes! He was one of the first meows to reply, so I’m going to try to do all of this in the order in which they were sent to me. From old WW2 Army recipes, to Firehouse cooking, I’m looking forward to replicating these dishes, staying as tried and true to the recipe as I can, while improvising where I need to, and incorporating my Mystic Seasonings line of spices where I can. You know I just gotta…😉


One of things I really enjoyed the most about this recipe was it’s simplicity. I’m not a big Sloppy Joe fan, mainly because of the use of that old can on Manwhich sauce, which quite honestly is a bit too vinegary for my taste, but this one was really tasty and I liked the very subtle kick from the paprika, chili powder, and the pinch of ground cloves that the recipe calls for. I thought it was going to throw me off a bit, but all of the seasonings blending together well, including my adobo spice blend, which I didn’t use too much of. Rather than post a step by step, I decided to record a cooking demo which I posted on my TikTok. I post a bunch of content there and I hope you meows will follow me! You can find me at mysticmeals13… Anymeow, here’s the original recipe card and the video I posted making it!

Dwayne’s Mother’s Sloppy Joe Recipe!

Sloppy Joe Cooking Demo!

And there you have it, meowsers! Hope you enjoyed the video and have fun giving this recipe a whirl! I’m so glad I did. Thanks again to my friend Dwayne for sending me his mom’s recipe! Until we eat again, Bone Apple Beef! Happy Cooking!

Cheers, hugs, and meows!

xo Nikki ✨🖤😻🔮

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